Order Form Instructions:

  • ​Please provide measurements and weights in inches and pounds.
  • ​When measuring, be as accurate as possible.  Do not add any margin to your measurements.  That's what the loose/normal/tight fit option is for.  Variable CG backplate harnesses rely on a good fit to function properly.
  • If shoulder slope makes it difficult to decide on a 'shoulder to floor measurement, bring the arms up into a simulated flying position, elbows out at 90 degrees.  This usually levels the shoulders.  Measure one finger away from the neck.
  • For chest and hip circumference, move the tape around until you find the area that produces the largest measurement.
  • Single parachute option includes two zippered external pockets on the non-chute side.  Double parachute option has no external pockets.
  • If you are unsure of the exact measurement for your direct connect riser, Rotor can provide a riser with adjustable height.  Once you have a few flights and have settled on the proper height, we can convert your riser to a fixed-length riser at our AZ location.  (Labor charge only, no additional materials required)  However, most pilots simply continue to fly with the adjusters in place.
  • Pro Tip: Choose the new velcro-in zipper option when ordering a new harness.  A harness main zipper is guaranteed to need replacing several times over the life of a harness.  The velcro option is $250 and includes a spare zipper.  Installation requires nothing more than removing the old zipper and velcroing in the new one.  With a sewn in zipper, a replacement zipper will run $54 plus $100 installation.  On top of that, add the shipping cost of the entire harness to/from Rotor Harness USA, as well as customer removal and re-installation of the backplate, boot, main riser, and parachute(s), and several weeks of downtime.
  • Orders will be forwarded to Rotor Brazil after a follow up contact with the client/dealer to confirm measurements and options, and once a 50% deposit has been received.  Please include your phone and address in the form below.