Simply the Best...

Rotor Harness USA  is proudly assuming the role of US distributor of the fantastic line of Rotor harnesses and accessories.  We aim to preserve and expand the existing dealer network while providing an improved level of knowledgeable support here in the states.  Repairs and alterations will now be available simply by sending your harness to our facility in Arizona.  Dealers please send inquiries here.  Don't have a dealer in your area?  Contact us directly.

The Rotor factory, in continuous operation for over 30 years, today produces the highest quality, highest performance hang gliding harnesses available.  

Textiles, inside and out, are chosen for the ultimate in durability and comfort, while keeping weight to a minimum.  As we know, light is right.

The composite backplate is constructed from the finest fabrics and resins and, in the competition models, incorporates a Divinycell core, improving strength while shedding weight.  

Buckles are Finsterwalder-Charley throughout, with a long record of strength and reliability in real world conditions.  All zippers and glides are YKK.

For more detailed information, head to the models page for an in depth look at the inner workings of the Rotor line.